Axel Meunier


Axel has over three years of professional experience in competition and public economics. His main expertise lies in the applied economics for overcharge analysis where he combines data from the industry with stand-of-the-art theory on causal inference. Axel has a solid track record of collecting, understanding and preparing data sources for econometric analyses. His expertise includes statistical theory, modelling, computational economics, reproducible research, coding and programming.

Axel uses microeconomic data to build and estimate econometric models, with a focus on arbitration and antitrust litigation cases, notably in damage quantification, a field in which he co-authored multiple expert reports. He is involved in major German and European cartels in various industries including agriculture, automotive and pharmaceutical. He has also gained experience in abuse of dominance cases in digital markets and regulation of platforms. Before joining the ABC team, Axel worked at the OECD, the Banque de France and the French Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Axel has a Master in Economics from Sciences Po in Paris. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the Freie Universität Berlin and a Bachelor of Arts from Sciences Po.

A native French speaker, he is also fluent in English and German and has basic knowledge of Spanish.