Matthias Muijs


Matthias has over two years of experience in handling and analyzing large datasets. His expertise includes data fusion, data cleaning, data augmentation, data visualization and data analysis using economic and econometric techniques. In addition to standard econometric tools such as Difference-in-Differences or instrumental variable estimation, he has gained detailed experience in clustering methods and time series analysis.

A key area of his expertise is the application of classic econometric methods and algorithms from the field of unsupervised and reinforcement machine learning to competition law questions. For example, Matthias developed a price test for market definition allowing the identification of the closest relevant competitors in merger settings. He also worked on pricing algorithms and whether such algorithms can lead to anti-competitive market outcomes under realistic market conditions. Another example of his applied empirical work is based on a vector autoregressive model and concerns the analysis of the pricing behavior of gas stations using spillover effects .

Among other occasions, Matthias presented his work at the Annual Conference of the Verein für Socialpolitik, the German Economic Association and the Annual Conference of the Mannheim Centre for Competition and Innovation.

Matthias Muijs has a Bachelor in Economics and a Master in Economics both from the University of Hohenheim where he is also completing his PhD at the Chair of Microeconomics and Industrial Organization as researcher.

A native German speaker, he is also fluent in English.